Console Light Used Fits: 68-69 Fairlane. Good Condition. Part#29356.$25.00  
Dash Covers New Fits: 66-66 Fairlane. Black $150.00  
Defroster Duct Used Fits: 68-69 Torino Fairlane. Excellent Condition.$75.00  Three In Stock.  
Door Panels New Fits: 68-69 Fairlane GT/Torino GT. Colours Are Black, Blue, Maroon, White, Ivy Gold And Nugget Gold. Front Panels Only DP68FLT-$400.00  Front And Rear $450.00  
Horn Ring Used Fits: 60-63 Falcon and 61 -63 Comet and 62-64 Fairlane. Good Condition. Part#35458.$35.00  
Horn Ring Used Fits: 61-61 Fairlane. Fair Condition. Part#33744.Some Pitting.$10.00  
Horn Ring Used Fits: 64-64 Fairlane. Fits 500 Model. Center Good Condition. Some Pitting ON Chrome. Part#29068.$30.00  
Horn Ring Used Fits: 65-65 Fairlane. Fair Condition. Have Two in Stock.$30.00  
Horn Ring Used Fits: 65-65 Fairlane. Good Condition. Part#14316.$25.00 CDN.  
Horn Ring Used Fits: 67-67 Fairlane. Horn Ring Only. Standard Two Spoke. Part#40365.$30.00  
Horn Ring Used Fits: 68-69 Fairlane. Horn Ring Only. Some Pitting. Part#29998.$20.00  
W/S Piller Used Fits: 66-67 Fairlane. Fits 2 Door Hard Top. Part Number 35861.Good Condition.$25.00  Pair.  
W/S Piller Used

Fits: 66-67 Fairlane. Fits 2 Door Hard Top. Red In Colour. Good Condition. Part Number 36124.$25.00  Pair.

Inside Windshield Pillar Pads Used Fits 66-67 Fairlane, Black in colour, good condition. Stock # 28409 $25.00  
Shift Indicator Dash Used Fits 61 Fairlane Model 500, Brown, good condition, Stock #33755 $15.00  
Windshield Pillar Pad Moldings Used Fits 67 two door hardtop, red, pair, #36124 $15.00/pair  
Upper Trim Panel Used Fits 70-71 Fairlane 1/4 molding left side only #19889 $5.00  
Interior Trim Panel Used Fits 70 Fairlane Right & left hand 1/4 trim panels, burgndy #29582 $20.00  
Convertible Molding Used Fits 66 Fairlane, right side 1/4 molding, blue, #35741 $5.00  
Upper 1/4 trim Panels Used Fits 70 Fairlane, right & left hand. Black #29581 $10.00  
Windshield Pillar Pads Used Fits 68 Fairlane Ivy gold #41314 $20.00 pair